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2/7/15 12:39 am - [006] Screened from Senri


Valentine's day really isn't a huge deal or anything and I'm not a girl. Giving Senri handmade chocolate would be stupid since I'm not. But it's in a week and I feel like I should do something nice. I kind of... don't know what though. Valentine's day isn't really my thing.

I feel stupid for asking... but can I have suggestions?

10/11/14 04:18 pm - [005]

I question my brother's ability to parent sometimes. My nephew is a teenager now and still my brother wants me to babysit him when he and his wife go out of town for a day.


The kid can take care of himself. Stop babying him.

6/8/14 09:57 pm - [004]

There's a librarian conference the weekend after next. I'm debating whether to go or not. Nagoya's not my dream getaway or anything and the trip sounds like it might be annoying. Who wants to hang out with a bunch of other librarians?

5/12/14 12:33 am - [003]

I don't talk to my brother enough to warrant watching his kid. Can't he pawn the brat off on someone else?

4/22/14 03:41 pm - [002]

It's not my fault they brought their book back late. Don't bitch at me for their fines.

4/18/14 02:15 pm - [001]

It's about time you guys caught on.
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